Elizabeth Langley, CM

Performer / Choreographer / Teacher / Dramaturge / Creation & Rehearsal Director / Designer of Contemporary Dance Degree at Concordia University: Montreal, Canada


Professor Elizabeth Langley has worked professionally in dance since 1953. Born in Australia in 1933, she spent her formative years performing, choreographing and teaching. She trained in the Martha Graham technique in New York before moving to Ottawa, Canada in 1965. She resumed her former roles working in university programs and the community. In 1979 Langley moved to Montreal to design and develop the Contemporary Dance Degree Program at Concordia University. After studying in Amsterdam, she retired in 1997 to develop her own style of physical theater in which she creates original one-woman shows while also working as a dramaturge for companies and solo artists in Canada. In recent years Langley has worked in the Netherlands, Finland, Cuba, the People’s Republic of China, Tonga, Azerbaijan and Australia.