Elizabeth Langley, CM

Performer / Choreographer / Teacher / Dramaturge / Creation & Rehearsal Director / Designer of Contemporary Dance Degree at Concordia University: Montreal, Canada


“Return of Xochipilli”
Photograph by Ormsby K. Ford

Concordia Faculty Concert
Photographs by Ian Westbury

Mooba Parade, Melbourne, Australia
Photographs by P. Garneau

(date of performance) – 7 scenes in 4 mins
Photograph by Ormsby K. Ford

“In Camera or Not – Clone”.
Video by Marie-France Garon
Photography by Steve Leroux
Edited by Alanna Kraaijeveld

Video “Portraits in Amsterdam”.
Camera unknown
Edited by Elizabeth Langley

“isms – an operatic body”.
Video by Jessica Runge

Choreographed by Pierre-Paul Savoie
Tour Montreal and province of Quebec, Oslo, Norway, Burgos, Spain
Photographs by Ake Parmerud & Yves Provencher

“Viene Volando”.
Video by Elizabeth Langley
Company Grupo Teatre Escambray, Cuba
3 minute excerpt

“Improvisation – Beijing Park People’s Republic of China”

“A Fragment of a Myth”.
Video by Alanna Kraaijeveld
Collaborator/Co-performer: Walter Van Broekhuizen

Video by Alanna Kraaijeveld
Poem written by Emma Beltran (see full poem below the video)
Directed by Walter Van Broekhuizen

“Juggling” by Emma Beltran
Juggling on the verge
she survives
embracing herself
tied to her feet
in a strange place
the only one
the imposed one
the song of the crickets
and her song are the same
once there was a woman asleep
who threw her body to flight
and there was no net
no audience
no rope
in pure transparency
and without secrecy
her humid sadness
her useless hardness
her center of equilibrium
open to all dangers
like that of awakening each morning
rain proofed against water
fire proofed against flame
lost in dictionaries
chewing words
as if they were grapes
warm bread or raw meat
dark and disbelieving
she learned to be happy with the silence
believing opened leg
in love
her hands full
to see if being in live flesh
she can exit
this life
“It is if it is” – the Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas adoption project.
Images chosen and altered by Elizabeth Langley

“It is if it is” – Special Video version
Voice over: Elizabeth Langley
Assistant designer, video and editing by Alanna Kraaijeveld

“Journal of Peddle Dreams”
Photographs by Rainsford & Ormsby K. Ford

Original idea by Catherine Archambault
Collaboration of five women
Photographs by Marc LePage

“What is this thing called dance anyway?”
Video unknown

Poem by Florence Figols
Between my skin and my bones; the dark room body

Between my skin and my bones
   There is light and absence of light
   Black and white body inhaling light
   Negative printed somewhere
Between my skin and my bones
   There is a dark room – secret room – silent room
Between my skin and my bones
   There are sensitive cells
   That capture all that escapes us
   That forms without points. Lines. Surfaces or volumes
   That capture words without letters
Between my skin and my bones
   There is a magic fluid
   That brings inside out the latent poetic
   That transforms black and white
      And white to black

Where is that eye looking at me? Where is that eye truing to freeze in
time a fraction of a second of myself? That is trying to steal a fraction of a
second of my life? While I move, while I try to forget myself, while my
body prints in time and space a black and white gesture?

“A Way of Being Free”
Music: “Abandoned City” by Hauschka.
Pianist Benoit Delbecq
with electronic assistance and interference by Steve Arguelles
Festival of the Arts, University of Ohio, Athens, Ohio, USA
“Elle Respire Encore”
Stage manager, choreographer : Jérémie Niel
Artistic consultant : Frédérick Gravel, Catherine Gaudet
Dancers: Philippe Boutin, Karina Champoux, Brianna Lombardo, Peter Trosztmer, Florence Blain Mbaye, Angie Cheng, Simone Chevalot, Louki Mandalian, Samuel Bleau, Peter James, Pascale Labonté, Élizabeth Langley, Bill Coleman
Music : Alexandre St-Onge
Light designer : Régis Guyonnet
Costumes : Laurence Mongeau & Sylvain Genois
Stage manager assistant : Jonathan Riverin

“Seeking the Dancing Soul of the Walking People”
Performer : Elizabeth Langley
Inspiration : a film by Paula Gladstone in the 1980’s
Music : “I Can’t Find Water” by composer/performer Hauschka